George Angelopoulos was born on January 8, 1982 in Athens. He is a water ski instructor, businessman, influencer and actor.

He owns the “Dan One Cruises” in Skiathos and also he co-owns the water sports school “Salto Water Sports” with his partner Panagiotis Mygdalakis on Koukounaries beach in Skiathos.  Holder of ski instructor license from British WaterSki &Wakeboard, attending courses :

– Coach / Instruction qualification
– Driving / operating qualification
– First Aid certificate
– Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate

In April 2020, together with his collaborator and inventor Zisis Michalopoulos (former fighter pilot), he launched the world-innovative Greek body-building invention “Body Power Advanced“.

In the same year, he founded  Fylakas Angelos whose purpose is to provide social and humanitarian work to vulnerable groups and especially to abused and neglected children.

With the recognition and popularity he gained following his participation and victory in the Greek Survivor in 2017, as well as his participation in the daily TV series “Tattoo” (2018, 2019), with 325+ thousand followers on Instagram, and overall his career so far, George Angelopoulos is considered one of the most influential Greeks of his generation.

He is brand ambassador of GARMIN GREECE for Εpix™, of PHARMACENTER – HEALTHAID ΦΥΣΙΚΑ ΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΙΚΑ ΣΥΜΠΛΗΡΩΜΑΤΑ for OSTEOFLEX  and  INVU Eyewear,  in the past he collaborated with Mitsubishi for L200 Pick-Up, Puma, NAK Shoes, BIC Hellas, La Vie en Rose and Hawaiian Tropic.

In February 2018, a new chapter opened in his life in the field of acting. He played the role of Stefanos Lampiris-Anastasiou in the daily series of Greek Alpha TV “Tattoo“. He plays two seasons and a total of 416 episodes. The screenplay is written by Vana Dimitriou and produced for television by Andreas Georgiou, with directors Costas Anagnostopoulos, Theodoros Nikolaidis, George Evangelou and Konstantinos Christodoulidis.

In May 2019, he made a guest appearance as himself in the successful comedy series of Alpha TV “To soi sou”, directed by Antonis Angelopoulos and written by Nikos Mitsas, Dimitra Tsolka, George Kokouvas and Zoe Koivari.

In December 2019, he appeared on Greek ANT1 TV “If I Were Rich” for 21 episodes, and plays Andrei Djordjevic, a private detective who intends to investigate a financial fraud. The series is directed by Stratos Markidis, Spyros Kaponis, Antonis Sotiropoulos and the screenplay by Nikos Papadopoulos and Manto Arvaniti.

At the same time, in the same year, he played in Markos Seferlis’ film “Halva 5-0“, the role of Dr. Karozis. The film, directed by Manos Kampitis and written by Markos Seferlis, was released in cinemas at the end of January 2020.

In February 2019 he published the book entitled “Danos – a narrative to Avyie Savvidou” in collaboration with the publishing house Ekdotiki Athinon. Avyie Savvidou has been a close collaborator of George Angelopoulos since October 2017. The book is motivational and the purpose of its creator is to present through it, his personal philosophy and history.

The strength and determination of George Angelopoulos in SURVIVOR did not go unnoticed by the business world. For this reason, he is invited to attend corporate conferences as a motivational speaker using excerpts from his book. As the winner of SURVIVOR he speaks in professional conferences about the mental and physical strength that led him, despite adversity, to victory. His speeches focus on the deconstruction of his experience and the incredible ability of man to achieve the impossible even when he acts beyond his limits, as well as his commitment to the goal.

He is devoted to the “Make a wish Greece” and supports with his presence, throughout Greece activities for the joy and fulfilment of children’s wishes.

He is the official charity ambassador of the “ELPIDA” foundation for children with cancer and leukaemia in Cyprus.

Since December 2017, he uninterruptedly participates together with the inspirer of the idea, MEP Loukas Fourlas, in the event”Swimming with the Navy Seals for our little heroes” which in cooperation with other Cypriot institutions and the Cypriot Police aims to support families with children suffering from cancer and leukaemia.

He is an official supporter and honorary member of the Association of Hellenic Marine Seals.

Part and Opinion Leader Giuseppe Sciacca.

He is an official supporter and honorary member of the Non-profit organization, Greek Lifesaving Sports Association (GLSA)

He has been supporting the non-profit organisation Save a Greek Stray dedicated to protect and care for animals.

Official supporter of the Association for the Protection of Children and the Disabled of Holargos.

He is currently studying “Business Administration” at the Open University of Athens. He has a scholarship from the World Institute of Economic, Social and Law Studies (based in Rome) in the field of Communication and Public Relations.

In 2019 he starred in the video-tribute for the 100-year-anniversary of the Pontian Genocide, entitled “For You, My Homeland“.

He is practicing martial arts such as Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, and Pankration. He is also an proponent of the Calisthenics Gymnastics and a former professional football player at Olympiakos Volou, PAE Rhodes, Ethnikos Asteras Kaisarianis and Ionikos Nikaias.

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